Vestur Adventures

Vestur Adventures (legal name: Nafni ehf) is a local family-owned business founded by Garðar Hafsteinsson and Una Rut Jónsdóttir is based in the small fishing village of Grundarfjörður. Grundafjörður is located on the north coast of the beautiful Snæfellsness peninsula in West Iceland. Vestur Adventures is committed to helping visitors to Iceland enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of our land and sea in an environmentally responsible way.  Every care is taken to ensure that our tours have minimal (if any) impact on the local environment.

Our Equipment and Guides

We use only “sit-on-top” kayaks​, which are the safest and most stable kayaks​ available. They are easy to paddle and are suitable for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. We provide you with all the gear you will need for your tour including life vests, dry suits, shoes and gloves as well as waterproof bags for your phones and cameras. A full safety demonstration is also conducted before every tour.

For safety purposes, the age limit for kayaking alone is 16 years old. Children from 12-16 can ride with an adult on a two person kayak for half price, with a limit of two children per trip.

All our guides are experienced kayakers that are very familiar with the local area (most of them are actually from Grundarfjörður​  itself) and they know the sea​ conditions as well as the landmarks you will see along your journey. You couldn’t be in better hands!

Vestur Adventure Tours